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When you need an aerial application done, you need it done right. Our experience shows that a lot of mistakes come from orders taken over the phone. We insist that you fax or email us a written order form so that we know exactly what you want. The form needs to be accompanied with a map of the farm showing the area to be treated and where any spray drift hazards are located. Download a copy here or phone us and we can fax you one.

Aerial Application Checklist

Aerial Spray jobs happen very quickly and carry a lot of responsibility for the grower and the contractor. A lot of chemical, and money is spent in a short time period so it is important that it is planned properly. This checklist helps you to ensure that you have done all that you need to ensure a safe, economical and effective job.

Notice to Staff and Contractors

When you are applying pesticides on your farm it is important that all your staff, contractors and visitors on the farm are aware of the impending application. This form is handy for informing your staff about what goes on during and application and how to stay safe. Print it out and hang it in the staff lunch room, give a copy to all new employees and contractors and include it in you OH&S plan.

Notice to Neighbours

You also need to notify your neighbours of any intended pesticide applications and determine if they have any hazards that may be harmed by the application. You need to always ask them and never assume that anything is of no value to them. Our experience is that a neighbour who is informed and given the chance to contribute is less likely to object to any spray applications. This form gives advice to neighbours who may not be familiar with aircraft spray applications and gives them some basic information. You would also need to follow it up with information about what you are spraying and when.


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