Friday, April 3, 2020
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Ground Support Equipment

Having the best aircraft and spray equipment is only half the battle. Aircraft are only being useful when they are flying. The time spent on the ground is reducing the efficiency of the operation and increasing the cost to the client. Having portable, safe and efficient ground support vehicles for the aircraft is a must.
Being able to travel to a remote strip and load the aircraft close to the intended target area is an important factor to reduce the cost to the client. Air Ag has a fleet of vehicles designed to supply the safe and rapid batching and loading of aircraft at any site.
Chemical products and fuel must be transported to the remote airstrip. Air Ag's vehicles are modified to comply with all Dangerous Goods Transport regulations for the carriage of packaged goods and bulk containers. Products need to be prepared and mixed with the carrier (usually water) before being loaded into the aircraft. Our system of vats, measuring equipment, and pumps ensures that the product can be loaded without hazard to the crew or the environment.
All the pumping equipment on our vehicles is high capacity and designed to load an aircraft in a couple of minutes. An on the ground time of about 4 minutes is common.
Clients can assist in the timeliness of the application be ensuring there is an adequate supply of water at the strip. Our vehicles can travel to carry water but this results in a much slower and more expensive job.

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