Friday, April 3, 2020
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The AT502 B

Manufacturer : Airtractor Inc , Texas USA

Model - AT 502 B 

Engine - P&W PT6A turbo prop rated at 750shp

Fuel - Jet A1 or Aviation Kerosene.

Fuel Capacity - 800L

Fuel Burn - approx 200L/Hr

Maximum load - 2.0 Cubic Meters , this equates up to 1800L liquid or, 1.3 tonnes of Urea or 1.8t of wheat

Working Speed - approx 220 KPH

Design Features

    • Rugged simple design ensures reliability and ease of maintenance
    • Good flight characteristics make for easy flying and low fatigue factor
    • Turbine power ensures reliability and economical operation
    • Modern aircraft ensures safety and economy 

    Visit the
    Manufacturers web site for more information

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