Friday, April 3, 2020



The Airtractor AT 502 is the mainstay of our fleet. It is a purpose built agricultural aircraft that includes many design features to ensure pilot safety, low maintenance and economical operation. Pilots find it an easy and comfortable aircraft to fly and clients enjoy the benefits of it's high reliability and work output

The JARBA Boom
The "Jones Automatic Rotating Boom Assembly" or JARBA is a cutting edge spray boom that controls all aspects of the spray application. The secret to achieving the required efficacy on the target is to ensure the correct droplet is used and the correct volume of product is applied. The JARBA boom monitors both these variables and can make adjustments as flight conditions change

Spreading Equipment
Air Ag use the tried and true spreader arrangement that are used by most aerial applicators. It can evenly apply most flowable solids in a very even pattern.
The key to a rapid spreading job is to load the aircraft efficiently and quickly. Air Ag have mobile and efficient auger loaders that can be serviced from bagged product or loaded from bulk trucks by a standard farm auger.

Ground Support
One of the key benefits of using an aircraft to apply agricultural products is the speed which jobs can be completed. Air Ag believe a key component of this is to have first class ground loading equipment.
An important factor in achieving an economical result for the client is to be able to work from airstrips close to the treatment area. Air Ag have developed fast and efficient loading equipment that is totally portable and can be deployed to remote airstrips at a moments notice. All mixing and loading is done off the ground and equipment design that no chemical is allowed to spill or escape into the environment. All we leave behind are wheeltracks and satisfied clients.



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