Friday, April 3, 2020
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Our Environmental Policy Statement

Air Ag considers itself as a responsible agricultural service provider. It recognizes that environmental management is among the highest of operational priorities. It is committed to a policy of management that takes into account its legal and moral responsibilities to the environment and the community at large.

Air Ag is committed to the agricultural aviation industry and recognizes environmental protection as an integrated part of the aerial application process. Our goal is to minimize any adverse environmental impact of operations through integration of environmental management practices throughout it's procedures. This is achieved through planning, training, monitoring and review of all operations with emphasis on prevention rather than corrective action. All staff are to be involved and communication of responsibilities and goals are to be a key part of our processes.

Air Ag supports the right of clients to use pesticides on their properties to help improve their product yield and quality. It also recognises the rights of neighbours and community members not to have these products trespassing on their property. While all efforts are made to give a quality service to our clients, this will not be done to the detriment of their neighbours or the surrounding environment.

Clients, the community and other stakeholders are encouraged to have input into the successful implementation of Air Ag’s environmental policy.

Air Ag actively supports and contributes to the development of environmental policies and practices throughout the agricultural industry. It supports all initiatives that lead towards the conservation of resources and contribute to the long term sustainability of agriculture in Australia.

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