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 Quality Assurance

Air Ag takes its quality control very seriously and regard it as one of the leading factors in creating client satisfaction. We use the following strategies:
Procedural control

Quality is a result of a job that is done the same way each time to receive a desired outcome. Air Ag operate from a set of procedures that govern every step we take to completing the job. They have been developed over a long period of time and regularly get reviewed to ensure nothing gets missed. 

Communications control

A lot of mistakes are made because the information required was not passed on properly. Air Ag ensure all details of a job are written down to remove this problem. Clients are required to provide a written request of their intended application. Ground crew are given a work order that clearly lists what producsts are to be loaded and at what rates. Pilots have a detailed map of the farm showing the area to be treated and any hazards that may exist. The details of each application are recorded and filed for future reference and used as an aid to improve quality on future jobs.

  Application control

 The equipment must be correctly set up. Air Ag has spent considerable effort having it's spray equipment pattern tested and calibrated to ensure it will make the best application. This involves flight testing using sophisticated analysing equipment to show the pattern that is applied. We also use a computer based model called Agdrift  to evaluate aircraft setup and potential off target drift from the application. From this program it is possible to justify the correct droplet size, water volume and swath widths to do for each particular application requirement.

The Pilots must be trained to best use the equipment. All our pilots receive ongoing in house training to ensure they have the required skills. They are also Spraysafe accredited and regularly attend industry sponsered training days to ensure they remain accredited.

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