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Our Work Place Health and Safety Policy


Statement of commitment
Air Ag's greatest assets are its employees, clients and the community and it strives to carry out all of its operations to ensure the safety of all concerned
Safety takes priority over all other parameters when an operation is carried out. Staff are assured that they have a safe environment in which to work. Clients are assured that their safety and those of their employees are a top priority when carrying out operations on their properties. The community at large can also be assured that their safety is a prime consideration when carrying out all operations.
Statement of Responsibility
The ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of employees shall be with Air Ag Directors.
All Staff have a responsibility to assist management to develop and maintain a safe working environment.
Clients have a responsibility to ensure they provide a safe working environment to Air Ag staff when they are on their property as contractors.
·         Air Ag management will maintain a safe working environment by:
·         Assessing all risks involved in the Air Ag work environment
·         Developing a system of procedures to mitigate these risks.
·         Inducting and training staff  to the use of these procedures
·         Developing a method of regularly reviewing and improving these procedures
·         Developing a method of consultation with staff in the maintenance of a safe working environment.
The following sub-sections form part of the Company’s commitment to OH&S:
·         Hazardous substances
·         Manual Handling
·         No Smoking
·         Sun Protection
·         Return to Work
1.   Hazardous Substances
Air Ag adopted this policy after consultation with staff.
Air Ag recognises that the use of hazardous substances is a regular part of staff duties. Management is to implement procedures to reduce the risk of injury when handling hazardous substances by:
·         Reduce the instances where staff can come in contact with hazardous substances through mechanical means.
·         Train staff in handling hazardous substances so that the risk of contact and injury is reduced.
·         Support the industry wide development of products that are less hazardous to staff.
Note: Hazardous substances are any substances that have the potential through being used at work to harm the health of people in the workplace. This includes the production, handling, storage, transport and disposal of hazardous substances. It can be in any form (that is, solids, liquids or gases).
2.   Manual Handling
This policy was developed in consultation with Air Ag staff. Air Ag is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees to the workplace.
Air Ag recognises that manual handling of heavy items is a regular duty performed by staff. It is committed to reducing injuries attributed to manual handling
Management will implement procedures to ensure the following
·         Manual handling is reduced by as much as possible. by using mechanical devices and developing procedures that reduces the need for unnecessary handling of products
·         Staff are to be trained in the proper methods of lifting and carrying to reduce injury
·         Support industry wide development of improved product containers and handling methods
Note: Manual handling by definition is any activity requiring the use or force exerted by a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold or restrain any animate or inanimate object.
3.   No Smoking
Air Ag adopted this policy after consultation with staff and is a smoke free workplace.
Air Ag management accept that smoking is a health hazard and discourage all employees to smoke. They also recognise their rights to smoke if they wish but encourage and support all efforts for anyone to give up.
Air Ag management accept that passive smoking is regarded as a health risk, and are committed to protecting non smokers from this risk.
Smoking will not be permitted on Air Ag premises. This includes buildings, vehicles and facilities. Designated smoking areas will be nominated in procedures for those who wish to smoking. Staff, contractors and visitors are not to smoke in the immediate vicinity of Company building entrances.
4.   Sun Protection Policy
This policy was developed in consultation with Air Ag staff. Air Ag is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees to the workplace.
Air Ag recognises that sun exposure is hazardous to staff and realise that the nature of their duties means they spent considerable time exposed to the sun.
Air Ag management will develop procedures to reduce injury through sun exposure by:
·         Reducing exposure to the sun by providing a shaded work environment where possible
·         Provide suitable sunscreen products and other PPE to reduce the effects of sun exposure
·         Train staff in the dangers of sun exposure and the methods they can use to reduce the exposure and its effects
5.   Return to Work Policy
Air Ag management is committed to assisting all employees, who are injured in the workplace, to return as a useful and productive member of the workforce. Air Ag will develop a suitable return to work program as required by legislation to ensure this process occurs.
Where appropriate, the Return to Work Program will be an offer of suitable duties for the employee to perform if they are not yet fully fit but able to return to work in some capacity. This will enable the employee to return to work quickly and effectively.


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