Friday, April 3, 2020
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Air Work Operations

Air Ag have a approval to conduct other air work in their Cessna 182. We cannot carry fare paying passengers or freight but can carry out the following operations.

Farm Inspections. We can carry out aerial inspections of your farm, look for lost stock, look for pigs and other feral animals, check out the flood waters and a host of other activities where an eye in the sky is a huge advantage. Our pilots have also carried out pipeline inspections, powerline inspections and remote oil rig inspections

Aerial Photography. Want to take photos of your farm or crops for posterity or create a record over time. Air Ag have the aircraft and can also source an experienced photographer who can take and process the photos and get them framed if required.

Dropping. Air Ag have CASA approval to drop articles from aircraft. If it can be held in one hand and fit through the window of the aircraft we can drop it. In the past we have delivered medicine, food and emergency parts to flood isolated farms. Harvesting contractors broken down in the middle of nowhere...maybe we can get you going again in less time than it takes to drive to town and back.

Powerline Survey. Air Ag's Cessna 182 is ideally suited to carrying out powerline and pipeline surveys. It is a stable and comfortable platform with good visibility and speed to allow for rapid surveying of large areas of line or pipe at a more economical price than a helicopter.



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