Friday, April 3, 2020
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While our business provides an aerial application service to a relatively small geographical area, its staff have accumulated a high degree of experience from across the industry in Australia and other countries. We are able to offer our knowledge to organisations wishing to develop an aviation related program or to improve their own aerial application skills.What our our skills

Government bodies, Agricultural Associations, Farming groups, Agricultural service providers and environmental groups all use or are affected by aerial application activities. It is in their best interest and the interests of those they represent that they are fully aware of the benefits of using aircraft in their industry.
If you are an agricultural organization or government body and wish to develop a program that involves aerial application activities you should consider contacting us for advice on:

  • Developing a quality assurance program for your aerial application activities
  • Assistance to develop OH&S and safety programs for all agricultural aviation projects
  • Assistance to develop business models for agricultural aviation programs.

If you are involved in the agricultural industry and make use of aircraft you should consider contacting us for assistance in the following areas.

  • Presenting talks at seminars and training days on making best use of aircraft in agriculture.
  • Developing programs for your employees or members to assist them in making use of aerial application techniques.
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