Friday, April 3, 2020
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Air Ag can spread most sorts of solid fertilizers and pesticides.  Any product that can freely flow can be spread. From granular fertilizers to seed and pellet based baits, we can do it all.


Some clients have found benefits in reducing fertiliser applications at planting and making the decision to apply later when a season assured. They are then able to apply fertiliser to large areas quickly when they can see a rainfall event occuring.
We have also successfully applied mouse bait and beetle baits during plague infestations. These products are usually only applied at very low rates of a few kilograms per hectare which can be difficult for conventional applicators. Large areas can be applied at very economical costs.
Aircraft are an excellent tool for sowing many types of seed. Their ability to quickly cover large areas of wet or rough ground makes them ideal for many applications. Some of our achievements are

Sowing winter cereals. We have successfully sown large areas of wheat and barley into flooded country during wet seasons. As long as the surface has remained wet the seed has successfully germinated. We have also sowed into prepared seedbeds which have been harrowed afterwards. The advantages of using lighter tractors with harrows have allowed large areas to be planted when the soil is still too wet to carry conventional planters. Some cotton growers regularly get us to sow barley into cotton stubble. This is followed by a flood irrigation which ensures excellent germination.

Sowing Canola. Aircraft are regularly used in larger Canola growing areas such as Canada to sow the crop. The advantages are 

  • More even application of the seed which is only sown at about 3 to 10 Kg per hectare
  • Sowing followed by harrows ensures the seed is planted shallower than a conventional planter. This allows for a quicker germination. This is important is short seasons.

Sowing Rice.  Almost the entire Australian Rice crops is sown by air. The fields can be pre irrigated and the seed sown into the wet field. When this is combined with pre soaked and germinated seed, the germination time is greatly reduced

Sowing Pasture. An aircraft is the ideal vehicle to carry out pasture improvement. Aircraft are able to put out large areas of seed over the roughest terrain, and can be timed to coincide with an expected rainfall event to improve chance of germination

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