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Suspension Fertiliser

Applying non soluble fertilisers and soil conditioners in a finely ground form is relatively new and exciting development.  Many fertilisers and soil conditioners such as Gypsum, Dolomite, Phosphate, and lime are not easily soluble and take a long time to react in the soil or on the plant. It has been found that if the product is ground very finely the reaction time is reduced and a lot less product is needed to do the job.

Problems then develop with the application of talculm powder like products. The product will not flow and blows away in the wind causing poor application and potential contamination of off target areas. A process of mixing the powder in water means it can be pumped and applied through booms and nozzles.  Aircraft are an ideal method of applying this product to large areas in a short period of time without the problem of soil compaction.

Suspension fertiliser applications have been successfully utilised in the following situations.

Pasture renovation. Soils that have had super phosphate applied for many years usually has lost the ability to take up the phosphate due to imbalances in the soil. Finally ground lime has been applied to balance the soils and increase the ability of the pasture to take up the phosphate bound in the soil. Mixtures of other nutrients  such as zinc or sulphur can be easily added after the results of a soil test are analysed. Fine seeds have also be added and pumped

Gypsum on heavy clay soils. The addition of Gypsum to heavy clay soils has long been carried out to improve the condition of the soil. Usually large amounts are needed. It has been discovered if the Gypsum is finely ground it becomes much more readily available to the soil and that as a consequence much lower rates are required. Cotton growers in the Moree district of NSW have now been finding that regular applications of 200 - 400kg/ha have been giving yield increases that outstrip the costs of application.through the boom.

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