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 Tebulan 200GR is a high quality herbicide granule for the control of Brigalow and teatree regrowth, Mimosa pigra and certain problem woody weeds, based on the proven active tebuthiron.

Air Ag have been accredited by Granular Products Pty Ltd (the Australian Manufacturers and suppliers) to apply Tebulan200GR. The product label states that only approved operators are permitted to apply Tebulan and that all equipment used to do the application must be calibrated and approved by Granular Products.
Application Equipment.
Due to the fact that Tebulan is very effective and the results may last for many years, it is very important to ensure that the application is done properly. An  under application will result in continued regrowth problems and an over application may result in pasture grass damage.
The label states that each application machine must be calibrated and approved by Granular Products, the product supplier. Air Ag’s aircraft has been flown over a test pattern to ensure that the coverage has a less than 10% coefficient of variation.
Air Ag uses a positive flow application meter to apply the product as required by the label. This means product is positively measured by roller rather than flowing by gravity. The machine is called a Transland Meterrate and is similar in concept to an air seeder meter. When coupled to a GPS it will give accurate application rates regardless of the speed of the aircraft.
Product Handling
Tebulan comes in 1Kg, 20Kg and 500Kg bags. These are loaded into our granule loader then augered onto the aircraft. The Tebulan granules are delicate and will powder if treated roughly. Therefore Air Ag uses belt type augers when handling and loading the product to ensure the granule integrity.
If the client has equipment such as a forklift, crane or front end loader at their airstrip we would prefer to use the 500Kg bags (similar to 1tonne fertilizer bags). If not we will use 20Kg bags which can be easily loaded from a truck body into our granule loader.
Due Dilligence
Due to the strict Vegetation Management Regulations in Queensland it is necessary for Air Ag or Granular Products to make a Pre Application Inspection of the treatment area ensure that it will be environmentally sound to make the treatment. We will need to inspect the PMAV, and any permits that may be required prior to making any application decisions.
Application Costs
Costs for the aerial application are separate to the purchase of the Tebulan. Air Ag charges based on the amount of flying time that it takes to do the job. We are able to do a quote if we have access to a scaled map of the job. To reduce the costs of application we suggest you consider the following.
  • Larger jobs cost less. Try and do as much work as possible in each application. This reduces the costs of getting to your place and home again.
  • Long rectangular treatment areas are the quickest and cheapest to do. Small irregular shapes are the most time consuming.
  • If there is more than one load of product to apply, then try and find an airstrip close to the treatment area. Time spent flying to and from the airstrip is dead money. You can read details of what we consider to be an acceptable landing area here, but roughly if it is a hard smooth surface at least 30m wide and 800m long with no trees or obstacles at one end then we could use it. If you can drive up it in a 4wd or truck at 100kph it is probably smooth enough.
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