Friday, April 3, 2020



 Spraying  Our Core business is providing a high quality, timely  application of pesticides in liquid form

Spreading  We are able to apply all sorts of granular pesticides, fertilisers and seed across any terrain

Tebulan Spreading  We have the specialised equipment for application of Tebulan 200GR. Tebulan is used for selective residual control of woody weeds such as Brigalow and Tea Tree in pasture. Because bush control is a sensitive issue, Air Ag have special procedures and equipment to ensure that all operations are in accordance with legislation.

Suspension Fertilizer  Air Ag are able to offer this revolutionary technology of applying fertilisers and soil conditioners in a finely ground form that improves their performance and reduces the rate of application required.

Variable Rate  Want to apply solids or liquids at varying rates to suit the soil or pest conditions?
Air Ag can help you.

Air Work Under our Air Operators Certificate we can undertake various other services such as Aerial Survey work, Aerial Photography or Dropping Supplies.

Consulting  Are you involved in Aerial Agriculture and want to improve your product delivery?
Do you need to develop an Aerial Application program for your industry or government body?
Do you or your organization use or are affected by  Aerial Agriculture and want to be better informed?

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